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SAT/ACT Vocab Reading Challenge

Daily Reader: we'll send you 3 articles a day (Mon-Fri) that are full of the vocabulary words you need to learn.

6 weeks. 1-2 articles/day. Learn 100 words.

Our Reading Challenge helps you learn the top 100 SAT/ACT vocabulary words. All you have to do is read 1-2 interesting articles a day for 29 days.

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ProfessorWord: An easier way to learn new words!
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Find articles to read

Coming soon, you'll be able to search our database — type in vocabulary words and find articles where the words were used.

In the meantime, check out these suggested resources:

Look for their opinion, editorial, and any special sections.

If you want to brush up on your reading comprehension skills in specific topic areas, you can also try:

ProfessorWord: An easier way to learn new words!
Did you know?

On the SAT, vocabulary is directly tested via sentence completions, but is also critical for writing strong essays and acing the passage-based reading questions.

On the ACT, vocabulary is tested in the English and Reading sections through your understanding of reading comprehension passages.

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