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Daily SAT-ACT Reader: Why are the vocab word counts different?

Some of you have noticed that in the Daily SAT-ACT Readers, the number of SAT/ACT vocabulary words reported doesn't always match the number of words shown by the bookmarklet.

So for example, in yesterday's edition, we told you there were 20 SAT/ACT vocabulary words in Wired's tech article: E-Mail Privacy Reform Vote Postponed Until After Elections.

Daily SAT-ACT Reader: Edition #3

But if you run the free ProfessorWord bookmarklet on the article, it will tell you that 34 SAT/ACT vocabulary words were found.

Wired: E-Mail Privacy Reform Vote Postponed Until After Elections

So what gives?

Introducing the Daily SAT-ACT Reader

What is the ONE thing you can do that will guarantee you a better SAT or ACT verbal score?

Reading more!

Stack of magazines

That's right. Reading 2-3 challenging articles every day is the key to developing the robust vocabulary you need to ace the SAT or ACT.

Learning vocabulary in context while you read is the most effective way to learn new words. Plus, reading high-quality articles helps you prep for the reading comprehension sections of the SAT/ACT. So it's a win-win situation!

But people have told us: "I know I should read more, but it's so hard. What should I read? Where will I find the articles?"

We want to make it easy. And so ... drum roll please ... we're excited to debut the Daily SAT-ACT Reader tomorrow!

The Daily SAT-ACT Reader will feature three articles for you to read each day - all of the articles are replete with the SAT/ACT vocabulary words that you need to know.

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No matter how helpful our study tips, how creative our commonly confused words explanations, or how wacky our fun with words suggestions - did you know you can learn SAT/ACT vocab words using post-its?! - it can be hard to remember to check back here every day.

And so ... we're bringing our content to you!

ProfessorWord on your iPad or iPhone

The free ProfessorWord bookmarklet works on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch!

Saving a bookmarklet to those devices, however, does require a little ingenuity.

Never fear! We have easy-to-follow instructions on our Getting Started page.

But we strongly recommend watching our Save Videos first! It's much easier once you've seen the steps in action.

In fact, we suggest you watch the video on a separate screen (laptop, phone, etc.) so that you can watch the video and save the bookmarklet at the same time.


Easy to use ...

ProfessorWord is not only easy to save, but also easy to use! And definitions with a click are just the beginning.

Our free bookmarklet allows you to:

  • Identify all the SAT, ACT, and GRE vocabulary words used on the page
  • Print the definitions of all the words you viewed as footnotes
  • Save words to a free account to create personalized study lists (coming soon!)

Learn about these features and more in our 1-minute Use Video.