Day 11: SAT/ACT Reading Challenge

It's Day 11 of our SAT/ACT Reading Challenge! From June 30 — August 8, 2014, we'll post 1-2 interesting articles for you to read each day (Mon-Fri) that will help you learn the top 100 SAT/ACT vocabulary words.

Here are today's articles:

1. How Middle School Failures Lead to Medical School Success
The Atlantic

SAT/ACT Vocabulary Word Count: 32

The Atlantic: How Middle School Failures Lead to Medical School Success

Students who struggle early on and learn from their disappointments often end up doing better later on in life.

Featured words: compassion, esteem, inevitable, myriad, perception, precarious, resilience, scrutiny, thrive.

2. How I Quit Google

SAT/ACT Vocabulary Word Count: 22

Time: How I Quit Google

It may seem impossible to go a single hour without using Google, but this writer decided to quit completely.

Featured words: algorithm, coalition, inadvertently, insight, reform.

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Happy Reading!


Photo Credits: nasa_goddard, pbarry