Day 3: SAT/ACT Reading Challenge

It's Day 3 of our SAT/ACT Reading Challenge! From June 30 — August 8, 2014, we'll post 1-2 interesting articles for you to read each day (Mon-Fri) that will help you learn the top 100 SAT/ACT vocabulary words.

Here are today's articles:

1. Your Rap Lyrics Can Be Held Against You in a Court of Law
Mother Jones

SAT/ACT Vocabulary Word Count: 41

Mother Jones: Your Rap Lyrics Can Be Held Against You in a Court of Law

The New Jersey Supreme Court was set to decide whether rap lyrics can be used to show "motive and intent" for murder.

Featured words: affirm, aspire, compel, contend, conviction, depict, interpretation, leverage, unique.

2. How to Instill False Memories
Scientific American

SAT/ACT Vocabulary Word Count: 42

Scientific American: How to Instill False Memories

Is it actually possible to trick people into "remembering" things that didn't actually happen? Yes!

Featured words: distinction, enhance, insight, narrative, prone, recall, vulnerable.

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Happy Reading!


Photo Credits: neontommy, Joyce Kaes