Daily Reader: Edition #282

Learn 77 vocabulary words from today's Daily Reader with 3 articles: how Beyonce pulled off her top-secret album release, whether affluenza is a real psychological condition, and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un’s Game of Thrones.

1. Inside Beyonce’s Top-Secret Album Release: What We Know About How She Pulled It Off
Vanity Fair, 12/13/2013

SAT/ACT Vocabulary Word Count: 22

Vanity Fair: Inside Beyonce’s Top-Secret Album Release

Beyonce’s surprise album was the biggest entertainment news of the weekend! How did she pull off this unprecedented covert operation? Read more and learn vocabulary words like abide, coy, eerie, leverage, qualms, and shrouded.

2. Psychologist: “Affluenza” is Junk Science
Time, 12/14/2013

SAT/ACT Vocabulary Word Count: 31

Time: Psychologist: “Affluenza” is Junk Science

Do you think that it's possible to suffer from "affluenza" — i.e., the problem of being so rich that you can't understand the consequences of your actions? A judge in Texas accepted this defense last week. Read more and learn vocabulary words like empathy, ironic, mitigating, negligible, and skepticism.

3. North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un’s Game of Thrones
The Daily Beast, 12/15/2013

SAT/ACT Vocabulary Word Count: 24

The Daily Beast: North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un’s Game of Thrones

What's happening in North Korea right now is even crazier than what you might see in a TV show! The young dictator, Kim John-un, has gone on a killing spree — first executing his ex-girlfriend and then his uncle. Read more and learn vocabulary words like absurd, despicable, guise, insolence, and lackadaisical.

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