Daily SAT-ACT Reader: Edition #19

Today's Daily SAT-ACT Reader features articles from The Wall Street Journal.

1. A Network to Build a Dream On
The Wall Street Journal, 9/14/2012

SAT/ACT Vocabulary Word Count: 38

WSJ: A Network to Build a Dream On

Peer-to-peer organizing can be the solution to potholes, world hunger, and so much more! Read more and learn words like catalyze, caveat, disseminate, dissent, empower, humanity, optimism, perception, realistic, renaissance, and tyranny.

2. Choose, or Lose
The Wall Street Journal, 10/12/2012

SAT/ACT Vocabulary Word Count: 50

WSJ: Choose, or Lose

We have more choice than ever, but are we actually happier? Learn why picking the good-enough option doesn't mean conceding defeat. Read more and learn vocabulary words like acquiescence, cataclysm, curtail, dissolution, eminent, laudable, oppressed, proverbial, realm, reparation, squander, and vigor.

3. Where Apps Are Hatched
The Wall Street Journal, 9/21/2012

SAT/ACT Vocabulary Word Count: 32

WSJ: Where Apps Are Hatched

Ever wonder how your favorite apps are developed? Read more about Y Combinator, the Silicon Valley company that helps app companies grow. Learn more and pick up vocabulary words like audacious, bestow, charismatic, cumulative, embody, grave, iteration, levy, phenomenon, ubiquitous, and verbatim.

Hope this helps! Let us know if you have suggestions for improvement!

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