Daily SAT-ACT Reader: Edition #9

Today's Daily SAT-ACT Reader features articles from the Smithsonian, the official journal published by the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C.

1. 10 Inventions You Haven’t Heard About
Smithsonian, 9/10/2012

SAT/ACT Vocabulary Word Count: 16

Smithsonian: 10 Inventions You Haven’t Heard About

The new iPhone 5 isn't the only exciting innovation out there! Say goodbye to helmet-head with the Hovding bike helmet or learn about the smart carpet that can detect falls and strange footsteps. Read more and learn vocabulary words like algorithm, devise, devout, distort, illuminate, inebriated, legacy, and thermal.

2. Wearable Tech Makes a Fashion Statement
Smithsonian, 9/13/2012

SAT/ACT Vocabulary Word Count: 19

Smithsonian: Wearable Tech Makes a Fashion Statement

Appcessories are the next big thing. From Google Glass to the Pebble smart watch, learn about this growing trend and pick up a few vocabulary words including augment, banter, debut, generate, infuse, malfunction, patent, and unveiled.

3. How Brains Make Money
Smithsonian, 9/28/2012

SAT/ACT Vocabulary Word Count: 30

Smithsonian: How Brains Make Money

A group of neuroeconomists have been studying whether greed is hard-wired into the brain. Read more about their fascinating findings and learn vocabulary words like cognitive, contend, dubious, epitome, insight, postulate, prevalent, skittish, and underlying.

Hope this helps! Let us know if you have suggestions for improvement!

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