Sagacious vs. Salacious

These two words - sagacious and salacious - look so similar and yet their definitions couldn't be more different!


Just remember that sagacious is related to sage - which is just a fancy vocab word for mentor or wise man/woman. Sage also refers to an herb that is incredibly yummy in a butter sauce with gnocchi, but I'm guessing that's not the usage that you'll be tested on for the SAT/ACT.

Technically, salacious is related to being lecherous or lustful. However, I like to remember it in the context of salacious celebrity gossip. I'm not talking about People or E! or US Weekly. I'm talking about the likes of TMZ, Hello!, and Star - where you can always find the real (and sometimes fabricated) dish on your favorite celebs. On these sites, the more tawdry and salacious the gossip, the better!

I hope this helps. Make sure you don't get the G and L mixed up on test day!

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Photo Credit: sw77, debaird