Introducing the Daily SAT-ACT Reader

What is the ONE thing you can do that will guarantee you a better SAT or ACT verbal score?

Reading more!

Stack of magazines

That's right. Reading 2-3 challenging articles every day is the key to developing the robust vocabulary you need to ace the SAT or ACT.

Learning vocabulary in context while you read is the most effective way to learn new words. Plus, reading high-quality articles helps you prep for the reading comprehension sections of the SAT/ACT. So it's a win-win situation!

But people have told us: "I know I should read more, but it's so hard. What should I read? Where will I find the articles?"

We want to make it easy. And so ... drum roll please ... we're excited to debut the Daily SAT-ACT Reader tomorrow!

The Daily SAT-ACT Reader will feature three articles for you to read each day - all of the articles are replete with the SAT/ACT vocabulary words that you need to know.

The articles are culled from our list of recommended sites - which includes high-quality newspapers, journals, and magazines that cover a wide variety of subjects similar to the subjects covered in the SAT/ACT reading comprehension sections.

It doesn't get any easier than this.

Be sure to subscribe so we will deliver it straight to you!

For September, we'll be piloting the Daily SAT-ACT Reader just on Tuesdays and Thursdays. It will roll out daily starting in October!

And we'd love your feedback! Have ideas on what would make the Daily SAT-ACT Reader better? Please let us know!

See you tomorrow for the inaugural edition!


Photo Credit: theseanster93