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SAT Study Guide

When you're studying for the SAT/ACT, you've got a lot on your mind.

No matter how helpful our study tips, how creative our commonly confused words explanations, or how wacky our fun with words suggestions - did you know you can learn SAT/ACT vocab words using post-its?! - it can be hard to remember to check back here every day.

And so ... we're bringing our content to you!

We're excited to roll out two new ways to subscribe to the ProfessorWord blog - email subscriptions and RSS feed!

That's right! All the fun and helpful study tips you need to step up your prep can be delivered right to you:

And if that's not sufficient temptation, we're rolling out a new blog series later this week - one that we hope will be a huge help to our SAT/ACT test takers.

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