Dessert vs. Desert


Okay, I know what you're thinking. Dessert is not exactly a SAT or ACT level vocabulary word.

But desert* is. And not the Saharan kind either. I'm talking about deserting someone, something, or some place.

And it would certainly be comical if you got the two mixed up. So here's an easy tip that I've always remembered - courtesy of my 9th Grade English teacher - thanks Mr. Schwartz!

Dessert has TWO Ss because you always want more of it.

Desert has ONE S because you never want more of it (either the Saharan kind or the abandonment kind).

So there you have it. You'll never get them confused again!

* We know that desert isn't automatically being highlighted even though it is a SAT/ACT vocabulary word. For now, we've decided not to highlight any words with widely-known primary definitions and usages, even if their lesser-known secondary definitions and usages qualify them as SAT/ACT words. Other examples include abandon, appreciate, august, and husband. You'll be able to customize this preference with our accounts (coming soon!).

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Photo Credit: Puck777, Guilherme Jofili