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Summer Reading Challenge

We're excited to launch a Summer Reading Challenge with to help high school students learn SAT/ACT vocabulary.

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We are thrilled to be blogging for The Startup Blog at Education Week! We'll be posting twice a week for the next year.

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For Teachers:

Find readings for your classroom

Common Core emphasizes exposing students to more informational texts. Our tool can help by analyzing any website for text complexity (coming soon!) and vocabulary words used.

Search our database

Coming soon, you'll be able to search our database — type in vocabulary words and find articles where the words were used.

Monitor student progress

With our free accounts (coming soon!), you can assign readings and track your students' progress — articles reads, words looked up.

Vocabulary is Key

New NAEP Vocabulary results released — It's time to turn the tide!

New NAEP Vocabulary results released — It's time to turn the tide!

Common Core State Standards emphasizes the link between vocabulary and reading comprehension.

Common Core State Standards emphasize the link between vocabulary and reading comprehension.

For Students:

Find vocabulary

Get the definition of any word on any website with the click of your mouse - it works on your computer, iPhone, and iPad! Get started today!

Learn vocabulary

Sign up for a free ProfessorWord account (coming soon!) to save the words you don't know and create personalized study lists.

Ace the SAT or ACT

To help you prep, we automatically highlight all the SAT/ACT words for you - no matter how outlandish or arcane. You can turn this feature on/off under preferences.